First dance concert? Here’s what to expect and how to best prepare.

So you’ve received the concert Handbook and had a little look at the dates but you’re still not really sure what to expect and what’s involved in the whole concert process.  Let us answer some of your questions.

First, some tips for a hassle free performance

  1. Read the concert handbook thoroughly.
  2. Put specific dates, times and locations in your calendar.
  3. Ensure you purchase your underwear, tights and shoes prior to dress rehearsal week.
  4. Book your concert tickets when they are released to avoid disappointment.
  5. Practice your hair and makeup before the performance.
  6. Allow plenty of time to get to the theatre for both the rehearsal and concert.
  7. The more organised and stress free you are the more enjoyable it will be for your child.

At Awesome Dancer we pride ourselves on providing the best possible concert and performance experience for our students all while keeping it stress and hassle free for our Awesome Dancers and their families.  Unfortunately a lot of dance schools are renowned for extraordinarily long rehearsal and performances, over the top expectations of personal grooming and costumes that cost the earth. Our focus is on the students and the experience of performing while doing our best to keep the rest of it simple.

All we ask that parents supply are some appropriate underwear, dance tights and dance shoes (see handbook for specifics).  All your other costume requirements will be provided by us and are included in your monthly fees.

We like to keep things as simple as possible so…

In place of a full dress rehearsal at the theatre which can take hours, we will be having a short dress rehearsal at the studio a couple of week prior to the concert where students can rehearse their dances in costume (see newsletter for dates & times).  This will be held at your normal dance time but will be a little longer. This is a great chance to practice your hair and makeup too.

Our performance is held at Xavier College in Kew, we are very lucky to have been able to secure this beautiful venue and love sharing it with our students each year.  It is a big theatre with 500 seats but offers the best facilities for our needs in closest proximity to the studio.

Students will only be required at the theatre for a stage and lighting rehearsal (no hair, makeup or costumes) the day prior to the concert for a couple of hours or less.  This will give the students an opportunity to see the size of the theatre and stage and practice in front of other students who will be sharing the experience with them.

The purpose of the concert is for the dancers to have fun…

On concert day we ask the students to arrive a little earlier to have a warm up, briefing and plenty of time to prepare for the performance.  All Awesome Dancer will be looked after backstage by qualified teachers and helpers who are fantastic with children. Parents will not be allowed backstage so please allow some time for your child to settle in with our lovely helpers.

All students will be performing a minimum of 3 dances which means changing costumes, marshalling and performing 3 times, there is very little time for sitting around getting bored.  If for any reason your child becomes upset or distressed we can call you from the audience.

Hair and make up requirements can seem fussy and over the top at first glance but I promise we don’t ask for things unnecessarily.  Using hair gel and bobby pins in a bun or ponytail is to ensure it stays in place after numerous costume changes and the possible pinning of multiple headpieces.  Make up is necessary not to make a child look older but to define the facial features which will get washed out under the stage lights and so you can see their faces from your seats.

Our concerts go for approximately 2.5 hours and we promise you will be thoroughly entertained throughout.  Your child will be delivered to you in the foyer at the end so you can congratulate them on a wonderful performance.

Start the conversation early to avoid any apprehension..

The students have already spent a number of hours learning and rehearsing their dances and this term the focus will be on presentation and performance etiquette.  It would be wonderful for your child if you could begin to discuss this opportunity with them, encourage some home practice and pass on any concerns they may have.

We look forward to you joining us for our 13th annual end of year performance.