“Your relaxed and friendly style of teaching is very well received and appreciated by us all. We are just rapt we found Awesome Dancer.”

Enrolments are now closed for 2018.  

Enrolments for new students to join us in 2019 will open online on Monday the 10th of December.

Please return on this date to secure a booking in your preferred class or click here to leave your details and we'll send you a reminder.

Tots (2-3 years) & Little ones (3-5 years)

Our Tots and Little ones classes offer pre-school children an opportunity to introduce the idea of movement to music through dance. Combining modern and classical styles in 1 class students will be introduced to both jazz and ballet techniques along with an opportunity to improvise. Undertaking both structured and free movement exercises will improve physical development while also developing musicality and encouraging creativity. 30 - 45 minutes lessons are currently offered weekday mornings and on the weekend.

Awesome Tots timetable

Awesome Little ones timetable

stretch and techniques

Kiddies (5-8yrs) & Youngsters (8-11yrs)

Our Kiddies and Youngsters levels offer Primary aged students a fun and energetic hour of dance. Without having to pick a style these classes follow safe dance procedures including a warm up, isolations, stretch and techniques to improve physical skills such as balance, co-ordination and flexibility all performed to current and relevant music. These skills and techniques are used to create choreographed pieces to challenge memory retention, musicality and teamwork. Styles include, Hip-hop, jazz and modern ballet. Classes are currently run most weeknights from 4.30pm and Saturday mornings.

Awesome Kiddies timetable

Awesome Youngsters timetable

energetic hour of dance

Tweens (11-14yrs) & Teens (14-18yrs)

Our Tweens & Teens classes offer a progression from our Youngsters program encompassing 1 and a half hours of energetic and challenging movement skills. Following the same structure as our Youngsters program and safe dance procedures including warm ups, isolations, stretch and techniques the longer class format allows for a more challenging incite into dance technique while still allowing the focus to be on the enjoyment. While learning a number of routines the Tweens & Teens levels aim to extend students movement vocabulary through offering a number of styles including Hip-hop, Jazz, Modern Ballet and Contemporary. These classes are currently running available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Awesome Tweens timetable

Awesome Teens timetable

Teens classes

Awesome Adults – Beginner to Advanced

Our Awesome Advanced Adult class offers an opportunity for those looking to continue their dancing after finishing school or return to dancing after a break. Our 1.5 hour intermediate/advanced class offers an opportunity to challenge your body while improving your flexibility co-ordination and core strength, meet some like minded dancers and work towards a performances if you are keen to participate.

Adult timetable

Awesome Adults